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The Story and History behind Bestro LLC

Bestro LLC (pronounced bee-strow) was founded in 2007 with the purchase of our first student home.  The name BESTRO is the first character for Barry, Eric, Steven, Terry, & Ron Osborne, after our sons (Barry, Eric and Steven), my wife Terry,  and me.  A true family business !!

Both Terry and myself are CMU Alumni (Class of 1982), and it was our hope that our boys would follow in their parents footsteps and also attend CMU.  So in 2007, we purchased a student home where our sons could live while attending CMU.

After being a college landlord for a year, we realized how much we enjoyed the interactions with the college students, having an excuse to attend all of CMU’s home football games and being  “Back in College” sort of speaking.  It was at that time we decided to grow our business by purchasing additional student homes. 

It’s been over 10 years and Bestro LLC now has 13 student homes that provides residence to over 80 CMU Students. 

Our Mission:
1.To be the best College Landlords in Mt. Pleasant.

2.To provide our students with a safe, clean, well maintained, and unique place to live that will enhance their                                 college experience.

3.To provide our students with the services that take the hassle out of college living (free washer / dryer, Large HD                          TVs in living rooms, lawn service, snow removal, off street parking, and full maintenance) for all our homes. 

4.To treat our students with respect and dignity.  They are our customers and without them, we have no                                           business.

Oh, and as far as the story of our Sons going to CMU:  We’re proud to report that as of 2017 our entire family (Ron, Terry, Barry, Eric, and Steven) are officially CMU Alums.  The picture below was taken after our youngest son Steven received his Masters Degree. 


So that is our story.  We are proud of our homes and hope you will be too.  I hope that your time with us will be the best times for you at CMU. 

Thank you for choosing to live with us, and have an AWESOME year !!!

Ron Osborne, CMU Class of 1982
Bestro LLC.