Reasons to live in a Bestro LLC House:

Every house is Close to Campus.  All of our homes are within walking distance to Campus.  You don't have to drive your car, or take a bus, ever !!!  We have walkers, bikers and skateboarders.  All on the North end of Campus.

Every house is Unique.  They have their own look and feel and don’t look like any other house in Mt. Pleasant, unlike apartments that pretty much all look the same.

Every Tenant has access to a free washer and dryer.  No need to save your quarters or buy wash cards or wait for a machine.  Just wash your clothes whenever you want for free.

Every living room has a free large flat screen TV.  You don’t have to use your bedroom TV for the living room.

We pay your water and sewer bill and provide a Dumpster for your use. (As allowed by the city).  That means you don’t have to take cans, back and forth, to the road every week.

You don’t have to do Outdoor House chores.   You won’t be cutting grass, or shoveling  snow.  We take care of routine house items for you.  All you do is pick up after yourself and be a College Student.  We will take care of the rest.

We won’t tow your car, or issue you a parking ticket.  Like every place in Mt. Pleasant, We do have limited parking, but we allow the roommates to work out their parking issues.  If you get a ticket for parking in a yard, it won’t be from us, ever !

If you break something, we will fix it for you and we’re all still friends.  We know “stuff” happens and that’s ok.  Just let us know if something gets broken or needs repairs.  You are only charged the actual cost of repairing a broken item.  We don’t add an administrative markup.   Our  repairs average 90 plus percent completed in two days or less.  

We don’t have an “after the fact” marketing plan.  In other words, we are not hounding you for additional money for things.  Security Deposit, and paying your rent on time is the only money we’re looking for from you.

We are a small business with a personal connection.  When you call or text (586) 321-1112 to report an issue or make a request,  you are in touch with the Owner.  We do our best to follow up to make sure your issue or concerns are addressed as soon as possible.

We are a CMU Alumni owned business.  We know what it’s like to be a CMU student.  That’s why we work with you to make sure you’re having your best year possible.  We provide the options that Students like, and are always looking for your input to make your stay better.

We Strive to be the best College Landlord in Mt. Pleasant.  As simple as it sounds, we treat each person the same way as we want to be treated – With Respect and Dignity.   The Golden Rule is alive and well with us !